13 Mar 2005 - Reiki Share and special guest
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Magi and Nut-H-Lam visit Silver Birches

On 13 March 2005 a special group met at Silver Birches. The morning was taken up with a visit by Magi and the citrine skull Nut-H-Lam. Magi conducted attunements and meditations. After lunch Matthew conducted a Reiki share with a discussion, group distance treatment and in-person team treatments. A great day was had by all. The paragraphs below give more detail about what happened during the morning and 11 photos of the day make up the rest of the page.

The attunements were the 18 cosmic rays - all the new energies and frequencies coming in at that time and the immediate future thereafter. Expansion of the original 7 rays. First up to the 11, 12 and 13th rays then expanding further to the 18th. Re-expansion of the Lightbody beyond Solar and Galactic to Universal connections and energy centres supporting the expansion of consciousness through the skull. The skull balanced the crystaline and energy structures and pathways and centres of the head for development of intuition, insight and understanding. Balancing the crystaline frequencies for the citrine vibrations, making a connecting thread for the increased soul presence and activation of the soul centre in the centre of the solar plexus. The soul presence expanded the matrix of light to support the Monadic (soul group consciousness) and I AM (our devine) presences so that as each individual follows their paths and works on their growth, they will be able to sustain these connections more and more.

Increase of access for the Divine and Universal Ki/Chi energies of all healing traditions to work through energy centres, systems etc. of all bodies. Increased access to the Malmas centre points. This works with accupuncture/meridian and esoteric western and eastern traditions - there is no limit, it just responds to whatever path of healing and balancing for each. Other attunements were connected to teaching paths and expanded heart presence. NUT-H-Lam is still the Divine M and F and earth union, but also the union of the spiritual traditions of east and west through these. And not forgetting the Atlantis attunement - the healing traditions here are really connecting to the god-presences of the Ancient Ones. Finally, everyone will now find it easier to connect with group consciousness and the grids.

Magi and Nut-H-Lam returned to Silver Birches that autumn.

Waiting for everyone to arrive

Matthew and Magi

Rosie connects with the skull

Katherine and Sharon examine the skull

The best shared lunch ever seen at Silver Birches

Shared Reiki treatments in the afternoon

Shared Reiki treatments in the afternoon

Shared Reiki treatments in the afternoon

Nut-H-Lam waiting to be taken back to the car

The group at the end of the day

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