4 Sep 2005 - Reiki Share and special guest
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Magi, Nut-H-Lam and Gaia Star visit Silver Birches

Sunday 4 September 2005 saw another special event being held at Silver Birches. Magi returned with the 28Kg citrine skull Nut-H-Lam. This time she was also joined by the blue obsidian skull Gaia Star. Matthew started with an opening circle to commence the energy sharing experience and the rest of the morning was spent with Magi. She began by talking briefly about some of the ways in which each of her crystal skulls works with individuals and groups in service to the Highest Good of All. The citrine skull was working in service to Divine Consciousness and the blue obsidian skull was working with the Universal Consciousness holding the intention of nurturing and empowering the potential of Earth and all her structures and life forms.

Magi used sacred sound (including her peace gong), and silence, meditation and visualisation to assist the process for all participants. Everyone received energetic healing and balancing before the appropriate activations of energy centres that form a part of the sacred geometries within the resonances of light and sound of the flower of life. The precise harmonic frequencies and sequences varied according to what was appropriate for each individual at that moment. Individuals continued to integrate the processes throughout the day.

After lunch Matthew took the group through a Reiki Share. A discussion of recent experiences was followed by the group interlocking arms to make a geometric shape. Everyone took it in turns to stand in the centre of the shape to have their named toned to them three times by the rest of the group. Then it was into distance healing with Matthew playing three crystal bowls during the process. After this the group split into two teams for lying down Reiki treatments. Matthew and Magi interjected sacred sounds and song into the proceedings. The day concluded with a closing circle to complete the energy sharing, followed by tea and cakes. Eight photographs of the day are shown below.

Magi gets the event underway

The citrine and blue obsidian skulls are revealed

Sharon connects with one of the skulls while Graham experiments with the gong

Rosie now connects with a skull and Mark tries the gong

Time for lunch

Distance healing gets underway with Matthew playing the crystal bowls

Another view of the distance healing

Not the Mediterranean but a September day in England!

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