Open Mic Night - Avebury Social Centre (22 Aug 2009)

The latest Avebury Open Mic event took place at the Social Centre on Saturday 22 August 2009, starting at 19:30. Andree Langhorn had invited me to the event and so I took the opportunity to make my first visit. Shortly after arriving, Lawrence asked if I would like open the event with a poem and he came back later to ask if I’d like to open the second half with another. I started with my Superstition poem, the first of the eight 80-line poems I'm performing at Avebury this year. In the second half I performed the similarly-styled Misnomers poem, the second of the series. I was delighted with the reaction I received to both of these. It’s a very different experience performing inside, as there is no wind noise, traffic or other event to complete with. All the other acts were musical and we had a tremendous variety of covers and original music, new and old. Played on acoustic and electric guitars, as well as other instruments such as banjos and mandolins. Most of the artists came up to perform two sets, and there were jamming sessions at the end of both halves. Tea and cakes were available in the break. I’ve never known four hours fly by so quickly, surely a sign of a fantastic event. I will definitely be returning! Thanks to Andree and Lawrence for all the work they do in laying on this event and the obvious effort that goes into setting the room up.

Setting up in the Avebury Social Centre

Matthew starts with the Superstition poem (Photo: Philippe)

Following my poetry, Mark was the next music act took the stage

Lawrence is up next, with help on harmonies from Tom Blower and Kerry McKenna

The crowd is starting to build up

An amazing electric guitar sound from Mark Johnson, starting with a Santana track

Mike is up next, ably accompanied by Ian and Kerry

Terry starts with a 1979 track

And then Terry moves to his recently-acquired mandolin

The first half ends with a jamming session

Matthew moves into the Misnomers 1 poem (Photo: Philippe)

Matthew moves into the Misnomers 1 poem (Photo: Philippe)

Following my second poem, Mark begins the music of part two

Jodie Farce makes an entrance and performs several numbers

Neil Patterson expected a quiet night observing but he should have known better!

Lawrence backs Catherine singing the Tori Amos track Winter

Lawrence is back on his own

More incredible sounds from Mark Johnson's electric guitar

Ian and Mike make another appearance

Jamming at the end

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