Open Mic Night - Avebury Social Centre (3 Oct 2009)

Saturday 3 October 2009 saw another Open Mic Night taking place in the Avebury Social Centre. I met Andree and Lawrie as they were leaving their house. We lit the candles as other people began to arrive. The event got underway around 20:00 and I was first up - playing my nine singing bowls. I then moved into the first 80 lines of the Misnomers poem. I was followed by Steve on guitar and Catherine on keyboards and vocals. They performed one number together before Catherine moved to vocals only and Sharon joined on thumb piano - for a cover of Tainted Love. Former Bard of Avebury Jim Saunders was next, performing his Lammas song and then part of Arthur’s Song (or What Shall We Do With a Drunken Druid?) Terry came up next to play a couple of songs, one using two guitars that had been thrown out! After a bit of time away, Anouk returned to play a lovely cover of Coldplay’s Fix You, followed by the Nanci Griffith song Ford Econoline. Sandy was also debuting tonight and he performed two songs at this point for the audience. Will returned with a whimsical song about getting old and another inspired by his grandfather. And Lawrie rounded off the first part of the night with a couple of covers. First the Stephen Stills song "Four and Twenty". Alistair then joined him for Eric Capton’s "Tears in Heaven".

In the break the candles were lit on a strawberry birthday cake for Mike’s 50th birthday. After blowing out the candles he was presented with a card that had been signed by many of the people in the room. Andree then cut the cake and distributed it around the audience. Neil started the next section with a poem about a pitbull terrier. He was then joined by Alistair on a song about a school associate who had passed away - “My Friend”. Alistair then took the stage in his own right and performed an amazing work of highland music on guitar and foot percussion. In his second work he used the bodhrán to drum the sounds of Earth and beyond. Birthday boy Mike came up next and talked about his life in music and played passages to go along with the story, as well as a song about the passing of time. Terry returned with his mandolin for a cover of U2’s "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. " Steve then took the stage in his own right with a cover of Jackie Deshannon’s "When You Walk In The Room". Followed by the Tom Waits song Time. Mark from London debuted this evening with some songs inspired by his locale. Alistair drummed for him during part of the performance. Will returned with another whimsical number - a love song for people of his age. This part of the evening rounded off with a jamming session with Lawrie on guitar and vocals, Mike on bass, Will on piano and Alistair on drum.

It was Paul’s birthday around this time as well. A coffee cake had been made for him and this also went down well, even though Paul himself had not been able to attend. A card was also signed for him. I opened the final part of the night with another session on my nine singing bowls. This was followed with lines 81-160 of the Misnomers poem, which had debuted two weeks earlier out in the stones at the Autumn Equinox. Sandy then returned for another song. Gordon took the stage next for a couple of songs, one cover of which was only just receiving its first public airing. Mark from London reappeared for another performance. And the evening ended with a final jamming session of Lawrie on guitar and vocals, Mike and Steve swapping between bass and piano, Alistair on drum and Mark on guitar and percussion. This was an excellent night of entertainment and as always thanks to Andree and Lawrie for all their hard work and enthusiasm in making these events possible. Thanks also to Jane, Kes and John for contributing photos, especially as my camera's batteries ran out towards the end!

Matthew starts the night by playing nine singing bowls (Photo: Jane Sea-Daisy)

Matthew starts the night by playing nine singing bowls (Photo: Kes Riyan)

Matthew performs lines 1-80 of the Misnomers poem (Photo: Jane Sea-Daisy)

Steve and Catherine perform on guitar and keyboard with Catherine singing and Sharon joining on thumb piano

Jim performs his Lammas and Arthur's Song works

Terry plays one song on two discarded guitars!

Anouk returned to the Open Mic Night with Coldplay and Nanci Griffith covers

Sandy debuts at the Open Mic Night with two songs

Will returns with some of his whimsical works

Lawrie rounds off the first part of the night with a couple of covers. Alistair joins him for the second one

Mike receives a cake for his 50th birthday

Mike is chuffed with the card that has been signed by many of the people in the room

Neil starts the second half with a poem

Neil then moved into a song

Alistair performs on his own with guitar

And then on to bodhrán

Mike talks about his musical life and plays various numbers along the way

Terry returns for a final number with help from Lawrie

Steve performs two well known numbers on his own

Mark from London debuts with some local songs

Will returns with another whimsical number

The second part rounds off with a jamming session

Matthew opens the third part of the night with more singing bowls (Photos: Jane Sea-Daisy and John C)

Before moving into lines 81-160 of the Misnomers poem (Photos: Jane Sea-Daisy and John C)

Sandy returns for another song

Gordon performs a couple of numbers

Mark from London reappears for more (Photo: John C)

A final jamming session (Photo: John C)

The moon over Avebury that night (Photo: John C)

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