Lughnasadh Full Moon (16 Aug 2008)
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Lughnasadh 2008 Full Moon at the White Spring

It was another Glastonbury evening packed with events. I elected to celebrate the Lughnasadh Full Moon at the White Spring to. A small group gathered for the 18:30 start and the event was led by Lisa. She told us how a guided meditation a year previously had affected her and she proceeded to take us through a similar one. Following the meditation the group was invited to split up and find a spot in the building for some quiet contemplation. After a short time had passed I sounded my bowl three times and the group reconvened in the centre of the building. Here was sited a tray containing two loaves of bread and some seeds. Lisa told the group how she had collected grain from a crop circle near Silbury Hill and baked one of the loaves with it. The other had been baked by her children, who were also present at the event. Lighting a candle for the occasion, Lisa invited us to sample the two loaves and also to take some seeds to help manifest our own projects. At the same time I gave my Lughnasadh poetry a rather late final reading. This seemed to fit remarkably well with the events of the evening. Lisa then told us about the plans for the building and the tourists present vowed to return next year to see the result.

Moon imagery in the days around the August 2008 Full Moon

These 14 images show the moon viewed on days either side of the August 2008 full moon. The photos are taken from different parts of my garden, with the moon rising from behind a nearby hedge. The full moon itself was to be an eclipse but sadly low cloud entirely hid this spectacle.

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