Full Moon At The White Spring (Glastonbury 24 Nov 2007)
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On Saturday 24 November 2007 a full moon celebration was held at the White Spring in Glastonbury which was led by Kita. I arrived early to show Kita the planned poetry for the evening. We also ended up practising a couple of her new songs. The event got underway at 18:30 with an opening circle. People then honoured each other in pairs using the Mayan phrase In Lak'ech - “I am another you”. Kita talked about the significance of the day, with the full moon representing completeness. Lighted candles were then passed around. I tapped my Tibetan bowl when it was time for people to place their candles in the centre of the area, continually vibrating the bowl until everyone had finished. Each person used their candle to represent something that was due to complete. We acknowledged each statement with ‘Blessed Be’. Kita followed this with her two new songs, with each line being sung back by the rest of the group. I then read my full moon poetry, which was followed with other people reading from books. Later I read my Lady of Avalon poetry, before we formed the closing circle - once again acknowledging each other.

The occasional water flow at the back right of the White Spring building

Candles representing completeness - no flash

Candles representing completeness - with flash

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