Full Moon At The White Spring (Glastonbury 26 Sep 2007)
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On Wednesday 16 September 2007 a small group gathered to celebrate the full moon at the White Spring in Wellhouse Lane, Glastonbury. Led by Gill Atkinson, the significance of the occasion was discussed and a directional ritual dedicated to different deities was conducted in the centre of the building. There was also time to roam the venue in silence in order to tune in the surroundings. The evening concluded with a short discussion and the debut of my full moon poetry written well over a year ago, with a tiny Japanese bowl sounded after each verse and three times at the end. Old friends and new then departed, some on to other events. There was much happening this evening, including Barbara J. Hunt performing at Chalice Well and a fire being lit on the side of the Tor.

Main entrance at around 18:30

Picture 1 (no flash)

Picture 1 (with flash)

Picture 2 (no flash)

Picture 2 (with flash)

Picture 3 (no flash)

Picture 3 (with flash)

Central table

The full moon later in the evening

The full moon later in the evening

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