A Visit To Glastonbury (28 Aug 2010)

On Saturday 28 August I made a last-minute decision to visit Glastonbury. As ever there were several reasons for the trip. I headed to the White Spring first of all to collect 35 litres of water. I only had a single container to fill as I had been to Wellhouse Lane several times in the preceding weeks. Next I visited Chalice Well. This was the first of the three-day Healing Weekend. A booking tent was available on the lower lawn and a wide range of therapies was on offer. The sessions were all for 30 minutes, the cost was 10 and tents were situated throughout the garden. Click here for some photos from an earlier year when I offered Reiki and also held the opening circle at the wellhead. This time I bumped into Michael and Lynne Orchard and had a lovely chat with them by the Vesica Pool. I also ran into Saul Haines and had an interesting talk with him. This event is summarised in the first montage below.

I then headed into the town centre and the Mystic and Earth Spirit Fayre. Again this was the first of three days the event was running for. I saw organiser Graham Robertson and pointed out that I had ticket No. 1 for his forthcoming talk by Ian R Crane! Max Goodwin was present with his Wizard Wellbeing operation. We had a chat about the White Spring, healing and other matters. I also saw Peter Wood and we chatted about the amazing time he had at the recent Goddess Conference - and the number of montages I seem to be tagging him in! I also spoke to some of the artists present, including Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall. This was the best I’d seen the Assembly Rooms looking at one of these fayres. The event is summarised in the second montage below.

Following this I popped into the Magick Box to have a chat with Liz Williams, before heading down to the Cat and Cauldron to see her partner Trevor Jones. I rarely leave this shop without a new staff and it was no different on this day! With that it was time to head home for some local food shopping. A wonderful quick Glastonbury trip outside of the normal seasonal celebrations.

Day One of the Chalice Well Healing Weekend

Day One of the Mystic and Earth Spirit Fayre

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