The Glastonbury Goddess Temple Madrons, Melissas and Friends Day - 26 Feb 2012

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The 2012 Goddess Temple Madrons, Melissas and Friends Day was held in the Goddess Hall in Glastonbury on 26 February. I arrived in town just after 09:30. I bumped into Lisa from the White Spring as I made my way down to the Hall. Tina, Duncan and Erin were already inside setting things up. I started to get the technology together as other people began to arrive. I had 21 quartz pyramids with me on this day and I handed them to the first 21 people I connected with. The seating was set up for around 25 and a few more chairs were added. We seemed to have around 30 people with us at any one time. I showed the first of Mikesey’s 2011 Goddess Conference videos before the event began as well as during the first break. I was pleased to finally be meeting Amber, keeper of the flame of Sun Goddess SULIS. We had been corresponding since the previous Goddess Conference.

Things got underway just after 10:30. Duncan welcomed everyone and asked people to introduce themselves and their roles. He then handed over to eight priestesses for the Invocation of Britannia's Wheel of Goddesses. Bridget, Artha, Rhiannon, Domnu, Ker, Banbha, Kerridwen and Danu, ending with a call to the Lady of Avalon. Miriam then led us through a guided meditation of group connection. This was delightful and ended with us touching our hearts with our right hands and touching the back of our neighbour’s heart with the other. We stood up and Miriam brought tea lights around and we took a light from her flame. We faced outwards with our flames to receive from the Goddess. We then turned inwards and verbally stated what we had to offer the community. Miriam's session finished with us all sounding the note of our hearts.

Mary did the first talk - about Imbolc herbs. Lots of things were passed around the group and there were many things to taste, smell and rub. The spoon supply soon came under strain. I asked a question about whether that field is under attack from over-regulation or sceptics. Natural therapies seem to be under attack from all sides at the moment. This was followed by a break and then Helen came on to talk about three saints Goddess archetypes in windows. The talk was illustrated with a nice collection of photos, postcards and diagrams. There was a lot of interest in Helen’s travels and experiences.

This event had a shared lunch. Everyone contributed to a fine spread of salad, pasta, hot potatoes, breads, nuts, fruit and sweet treats. During the break I played the second of Mikesey’s videos from the last Goddess Conference. Straight after lunch Anna stepped in to take us through a patting exercise to help us through the difficult post-meal period. Everyone seemed to enjoy this. The first talk of the afternoon came from Lorraine and covered the temple newsletter. How it is produced and funded and how changes are needed. There was some debate about how it will need to evolve. Lorraine then announced that a group poem would be going in the Beltane edition. She passed around cards and pens and everyone was asked to write a single line about the day, the Temple or the Goddess. These were then shuffled and Lorraine read out the new poem!

Duncan then opened the floor for announcements. There were notes about various events coming up in the near future. I thought this was a good time to talk about Mikesey’s videos and so I asked people to watch them and comment on them - see the table below for 13 video links. Everyone was given ‘homework’ to do just that. A short break then occurred while we moved the screen and technology so it could be seen by everyone. It was then over to Vanda and Caroline for a talk about their journey with the Goddess. This involved details of how they met and interesting stories revolving around painting, photography and the written word.

This was followed by the final break. I spent this setting up and testing for my session. Everyone was soon back together and I opened with a dedication to life lost and life gained. For the recent loss of beautiful Evelien van Meerveld and the recent arrival of Lilith-Anna, daughter of Joanne Ashera. I then showed a surprise montage of Lilith-Anna with her parents that I had devised with Joanne the previous weekend. I spent about 25 minutes talking about how my event archive started and how the montages began following a magical day spent with Kellianna in 2008. Also how the montages have evolved into quite a large project for me each summer. I passed around some sheets that summarised the key web links for the work produced by myself and Mikesey. Then I did 20 verses of Imbolc and Bridget poetry, walking around the room. I prepared the group ready to be involved in a chant at the end. At the first mention of Bridget a third of the way into the poem, I returned to the laptop and displayed a new image of her that had been painted 10 days beforehand by Nicky Hampsey in Basingstoke. The poem moved straight into the chant and the whole room called in Bridget with me. There was then a short time for questions before I sat down.

The event finished with a prayer from Kathy and a thank you to everyone who had participated. Thanks were also given to others who tirelessly serve the Goddess community. Duncan declared the event over and everyone immediately set to work putting the furniture away, vacuuming and washing up. This had been a wonderful day and I'm so glad I took up Tina's invite last month to speak. As I made my way back to the car I bumped into Max from the White Spring, husband of Lisa who I had seen on my way to the Hall. A nice way of completing the day in Glastonbury. A selection of photos from the event is shown below but first a table of Conference video links . Please watch, rate and comment!

Conference Video Links
2013 Pt1        
2012 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3    
2011 Pt1 Pt2      
2010 Pt1 Pt2      
2009 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4  
2008 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 Pt5

Montage of the complete event

Setting up in the Goddess Hall

The central altar

Matthew with Miriam, following her excellent group connection meditation

Break time with video showing

Reassembling following the break

Helen takes questions about Goddess archetypes

Lovely food at lunchtime

Lorraine prepares to read the new group poem

Break time

Caroline and Vanda talk about their journey with the Goddess

The final break

Matthew talks about the Goddess in his archive of alternative spiritual events (Photo: Amber Caroline)

Matthew performs a 20-verse Imbolc and Bridget poem, ending with a group chant (Photo: Amber Caroline)

Matthew performs a 20-verse Imbolc and Bridget poem, with Bridget showing on the screen (Photo: Tina Free)

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