Glastonbury Radio Awards 2008 (23 Aug 2008)

This year’s Glastonbury Radio Awards were held at Tor Leisure on 23 August. Tor Leisure kindly provided the facilities and buffet for free. A three-hour live broadcast was carried out, hosted by John Farrell with Rosie Much as roving reporter and Henry Bacon on technical support. Carol Decker of T’Pau fame agreed to come down to Glastonbury to present the awards. Sean Miller and Graham Lucas from the GWells list got things underway with several songs. Ross Hemsworth and Carol then took to the stage to make the awards. Georgina Sirett-Hardie won the award for the best new show with her Gorgeous Goddess Show. Trevor Jones and Dr. Liz Williams won the best show award for their live Witching Hour. For the second year running the best presenter award went to Mark Ellis. Mark had a gig that night in another part of the country and so Penny Dando collected the award. The most helpful volunteer award went to Henry Bacon for his technical wizardry. Best supporter of the station was deemed to be Siobhan Peal, not least for her purchase of the new satellite equipment. Best local band were Seize The Day. The Glastonbury person of the year award was posthumously awarded to Arabella Churchill and collected by her partner Haggis. And John Farrell was given a special award for his support, as he was due to leave for a new job in Thailand the following week. Ross thanked everyone connected with Glastonbury Radio and thanked Carol for coming down to support the event. Sean and Graham then took to the stage for a few more numbers and the buffet was unwrapped. Rosie interviewed many people during the afternoon and these were slotted into the live broadcast as they cropped up. Carol was absolutely delightful and seemed unaware of the new age activities now associated with Glastonbury. She was curious about Matthew’s druid events, as well as Siobhan’s travel-everywhere staff! Overall this was a very successful event for the station. Video and photographs are included below.

Carol Decker arrives and is interviewed as part of the live broadcast (video: mikesey)

(Click here to watch in full screen or high quality)

John Farrell at the controls for the three hour live broadcast to the world

After interviewing Matthew Rosie Much moves to a soon-to-debut presenter Lin from Godney

Carol Decker arrives and is grabbed by Rosie for an interview

Rosie shows Carol around, with Ross and Matthew in the background (Photo: miksey)

A member of Seize The Day is interviewed by Rosie

Sacha Knop from the Fresh and Focussed show is interviewed by Rosie

Carol hadn't banked on the number of 'new age' characters that Glastonbury would present her with

Sean Miller and Graham Lucas from the GWells list kick off the first of two sets

Ross and Carol get ready for the awards

Georgina Sirett-Hardie wins the award for the best new show - The Gorgeous Goddess Show

Trevor Jones and Dr. Liz Williams win the best show award for their Witching Hour

The awards keep on coming

Siobhan Peal wins the best supporter of the station award

And still they come

The late Arabella Churchill gets the person of the year award (received by her partner Haggis)

Carol reveals the size of her fuel bill for this trip. Ross ages 10 years

Sean and Graham perform their second set

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