Stony Littleton Filming - 7 Jul 2010

In this line of work you never know what’s coming next. On Wednesday 7 July I found myself at Stony Littleton with Herma Koornwinder, Sean Martin and Geoff Ward. Following extensive research, Herma is producing a DVD film project called The Lost Science Series. We were on-site to cover the long barrow and adjacent crop circle. Geoff was leading Herma though his extensive contacts book and Sean was on sound and vision. Firstly I was filmed entering the barrow and playing my second-largest Tibetan bowl. This site is likely to have been a place of celebration for some of its existence. So I changed into one of my druid robes and did various takes performing my Summer Solstice poetry near the entrance. Next, we had a look at the crop circle. This was unusual in that it was the first one to appear at this location. It was also the first to have occurred in a crop of broad beans. It is believed to have formed in daylight around a month earlier. One image is shown below and an overhead view is available from Lucy Pringle's website. Herma was filmed dowsing and she picked up a line between the circle and the barrow. At this point a minibus-load of tourists arrived to see the barrow and circle.

I had been on-site for the sunrise of 20 December 2009 and the sunset of 20 June 2010 and had been able to capture two glorious solar alignments. These events are covered in detail in my Yule 2009 and Litha 2010 reports, but three images are included below. For the filming I took along prints of these images. The tourists were obviously very interested in these, especially as the solar alignment is often omitted when the site is being discussed. I also showed them Palden Jenkins’ famous energy line map that although centred on Glastonbury, actually stretches out to cover this site. The tourists arrived at the perfect time. We had finished the main filming at the site and having them wandering around the crop circle made it easy for its size to be appreciated from ground level. We did get a chance to film Herma doing some more dowsing before we left and she picked up a line going straight through the barrow, marking the Solstice alignment. After this we moved back down to the car park and I was filmed while sat in the car. I spoke about the nature of the site, the solar alignments, the crop circle and other related topics. That concluded the four-hour session. We said our goodbyes and I felt sure we would all meet again. The DVD is due out in 2011.

Setting up in front of the long barrow

Sean films the ammonite

Talking about how the sound of the bowl is going to be recorded (Photo: Geoff Ward)

Demonstrating the bowl to Herma (Photo: Geoff Ward)

Bardic performances in front of the long barrow entrance (Photo: Geoff Ward)

Herma picks up a line following the Solstice alignment

Herma, Matthew and Sean at the end of the first filming block (Photo: Geoff Ward)

Matthew, Sean and Geoff at the end of the first filming block (Photo:Herma Koornwinder)

Part of the crop circle

The sun sets exactly behind the long barrow entrance on 20 Jun 2010

The rising sun shines in the long barrow entrance on 20 Dec 2009

The rising sun shines in the long barrow entrance on 20 Dec 2009 (12x optical zoom)

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