Glastonbury Reiki Energy Mastership, Summer 2002
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Day 1

Simon Treselyan’s Reiki Energy Mastership is the most advanced Reiki course available. The 2002 UK course was held at the George and Pilgrim’s Hotel at Glastonbury. Seven of us were new to the course - myself, Christine McBride, William Collins, Pam Lauter, Andrew O'Donoghue, Elaine Townsend and Stella Holmwood. Past course members were also present for reviewing purposes and also to help out. These were Will Gadd, Martin Williamson, Elizabeth Bradley, Léonie Clark and Amravati Mitchell. During the first morning we did lots of background to Reiki and how the common stories can be disproved. The manuals were very comprehensive and included copies of controversial letters. We learnt a slightly different distance healing symbol and a totally different master symbol to the one I was used to. We had an attunement in the morning, which was just a power-up. In the afternoon we learnt about the Reiki energy grid. This involved using a powerful image of a cube (Antahkarana), with six crystals pointing inwards, one in the centre and then a large handheld master one that powers all the others. Each crystal was activated with the four basic Reiki symbols and then given a small amount of Reiki. On the grid we put a photo of ourselves and a note in the first person, written in the now with our wishes. We then charged up the grid with the master crystal and then left it, re-charging the grid every 48 hours. We left the grids cooking for the entire course. We then did psychic surgery - where you literally suck out someone’s problem and then blow it across the room. We also covered how to protect yourself when doing this - we obviously didn’t want the problem coming to us. It was then home for a few hours before returning to Glastonbury, meeting at the bottom of the Tor at 10:30pm. We trudged our way to the top by torchlight. When we got there we found a group of ‘new age’ people playing music in St Michael’s Tower. We gathered around a circle beyond the church and began the master attunement process with the cool Somerset breeze on our faces. The ‘new age’ people stopped their music and many of them came to look at what was going on. Some were really drawn into our energy. Attendees of previous courses such as Will and Martin were on hand to keep these people at arm’s length. The attunement went well and we then chatted for a while. At the start and end of each day we held hands in a circle for the opening/closing ceremony. On this day we did the closing ceremony on top of the Tor, much to the interest of the ‘new age’ people. We then made our way back down to ground level. I was home again by 12:30.

Day 2

We started the day by considering the three main Reiki symbols and how they have changed over the years. They are all still evolving today as our physiology changes. We then looked at Tibetan Reiki. This is a very small subject because it simply comprises two symbols - the power symbol (the Fire Serpent) and the master symbol. On the course two years previously a Fire Serpent crop circle appeared in Wiltshire the day after the symbol had been taught on the course! The master symbol is used in place of the traditional master symbol during a treatment. The traditional symbol is meant to mean that you have a responsibility for the outcome of the healing - and so should not be used when treating others. We then moved on to the separate symbol called Grace. This relieves trauma on a physical plane. The symbol is drawn on the hands, along with the three main Reiki symbols. The hands are then held over the client’s face for 15 minutes - without touching. Energy surges through the client and they don’t seem to want it to stop. I certainly found it to be very good. Then it was off to Glastonbury Abbey - just across the road actually. We had a look around the ruins and then sat under a tree for the rest of the afternoon, considering the communication skills that a Reiki Master requires. Each day started and completed by passing a silver plate and goblet around. We passed the goblet on when we’d finished speaking. And we took a card from the plate to get an insight in to our day.

Day 3

We started off practising all the traditional Reiki attunement processes. Once this was complete we were attuned to Karuna® 1 Master. Then it was off in our cars to Avebury. We set off in a convoy of three cars and I took Andrew and Pam in my car. We stopped off at the Silent Circle crop circle café on the A4. This had Internet access and the walls were adorned with pictures of crop circles. There was also crop circle material to buy. We then headed towards Avebury and took the narrow lanes that lead to Windmill Hill. We wedged our cars in field gateways and then walked 1/2 a mile across a field to enter a recent crop circle. This was split into 37 different segments and was very powerful. We sat in the centre and were attuned to the fourth degree of the Original 7-Degree System. We even had some Americans stopping to watch. After this it was back to the cars and down to the main Avebury car park. From here we chose a spot behind the large stone 103 in the South Circle and started working with Karuna® Reiki. We covered the four symbols used in Karuna® 1 and treated each other on the grass. We then took a walk around the complex and stopped at the stone that includes the Reiki mental/emotional symbol. After a drink in the Red Lion we took to the cars again and headed to Alton Barnes a few miles away. We visited a crop circle that had been there for several weeks and we then walked to another field to see a much newer one - plus an extremely recent additional small circle. The big circle seemed to show dolphins swimming around the world. It apparently appeared after a psychic child in Bulgaria gave a speech on how it was important to start protecting the world's dolphins. We did the Master Energising exercise here - the Tree of Life, facing the setting sun. We then decided to lie down so we could absorb the energy. At this point two microlites flew over (no doubt people taking pictures - and wishing we would push off!) After this it was back to the Red Lion for a meal and then back to Glastonbury. That day I was out from 08:30 until 23:15 and doing a lot of driving in the process.

Day 4

The day started with a talk about running Reiki courses and introductory talks. All the factors were covered, even working internationally. We then did the attunement for Karuna® 2 Master. Following this we travelled to the Chalice Well Garden. Its logo is actually the Reiki Grace symbol. This can be found on the lid of the well and some of the water pools have the same shape. We immediately headed to the meadow for lunch and then re-grouped to go over the ‘lost’ symbol of the fourth degree of the Original 7-Degree System. We got together in pairs (I worked with Léonie), sitting on the grass facing each other, with legs interlinked. Each of us then drew the symbol over the heart of the other person, followed by the Reiki power symbol. Our right hands were then placed over this area, with the other person’s left hand going on top. Strong energy passed between us and we saw green when our eyes were shut - the colour of the heart chakra. Following this we learnt the four symbols from Karuna® 2. Each of these is used for a specific healing purpose. We then split up into different pairs (I was with Christine) and practised using these symbols, with some very powerful results. After this we got together for a group photo, filled our drinking bottles from the well’s fountain, bathed our feet in the healing pool and had another look around before returning to the hotel. Back here we covered toning with Karuna® Reiki. This involves drawing the appropriate Karuna® 1/2 symbols on the hands and then placing them in front of an area of a client’s body - without touching. The names of the symbols and then uttered in loud, very slow tones. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment. We split into different pairs and tried this on each other (I teamed up with Elaine). The energy could be felt travelling across from the hands and the toning made the vibrations stronger. The final item for the day was learning how to do the Karuna® 1/2 Master attunement procedures for ourselves.

Day 5

This day was mainly spent on Raku Kei - the forerunner to Reiki. Its symbols are actually reversed Reiki symbols. This came about because it was forgotten that the symbols were meant to be viewed from the polished copper walls of Japanese rooms! Raku Kei Mastership comes from The Water Ceremony. During this we held a glass of water in our hands. The Raku Kei symbols were drawn over it and we breathed into the water three times. The water then had to be drunk in one go. The rest of the procedure was like a normal Reiki attunement. After this we went off to try out the Raku Kei symbols on each other. I worked with Pam and Elizabeth. We dealt with Pam first of all and then Elizabeth was able to work some magic on my back. She felt that my aura was out of alignment - with the right side of my body attempting to push the left side away. During her work strong vibrations started running down my left leg. Afterwards she said that my body was now realigning but that I would need another treatment later in the course. After this we visited Wells and looked at some of the symbols in and around the Cathedral, showing that Christians have taken a variety of things from past religions and celebrations. The Reiki Grace symbol cropped up again - this time as the main structure for the Cathedral. We then did a Reiki Master Energising technique on one of the lawns. This involved massaging someone’s shoulders, prior to punching them in the chest! We rounded off with the first of our own talks - Pam gave a talk on herbs. This is something we were all meant to do as part of the communications aspect of the course.

Day 6

Sunday started with a talk about all the things you need to have ready when you’re laying on a Reiki course. The list was more than 25 items long, although many of the items were optional. This was followed by another attunement process - this time the Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma symbol (Mother Energy - DNA) was added to us. This involved drawing the symbol down the back and it felt very powerful. It was my turn for the surprise presentation today and I did mine on memory improvement, describing the number shape and major systems. It was then off to the stone circle at Stanton Drew. I travelled there in Elizabeth’s car with Amravati and Andrew. A dark cloud hung over the area but this soon moved on and we had strong sunshine for most of our time here. After eating lunch we split up into groups of three (I teamed up with William and Pam) and we practised with Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma - drawing it on different parts of the body and empowering our hands with it. Following this we entered the small North Eastern Circle for another attunement. A straight line can be drawn from the centre of this circle, through the centre of the Great Circle to the Cove in the garden of the Druid’s Arms pub. This points to the place on the horizon where the midwinter sun would have set when the stones were erected. We each selected a stone and then sat two metres from it, before undergoing the Violet Flame attunement, part of Seichem Reiki. This felt very powerful in the strong sunshine. Other visitors had to be kept away while this was going on and Will and Martin were on hand once again. Once the attunement was over we discussed our reactions to it. The afternoon at Stanton Drew was concluded with some cloud busting. We selected a cloud in the Bristol sky and then aimed our fingers and energy at it. It soon started to turn grey and it had completely disappeared within two minutes! Back at Glastonbury we had an energy demonstration. A heart-to-heart hug saw an arm being too powerful to push down. But the opposite type of hug saw the arm being easy to push down. Similarly, the arm was strong when a glass of water was in the left hand. But the power vanished when a mobile phone was put in the left hand. And an attempt to push someone over was thwarted by putting a finger on their elbows. This short-circuited the energy, causing them to lose power.

Day 7

Monday started with Micro Cosmic Orbit Meditation. This was designed to show up our true needs for the rest of the course. We then spent a considerable time talking about these needs. We were ushered away to sort out all the problems amongst ourselves. The solutions ranged from a hands-on Reiki treatment to talks and cuddles. After this we returned to Seichem Reiki and went over the symbols of the first and second degrees. These all come from Karuna® Reiki and so our Violet Flame attunement only needed to be supplemented with a Master attunement for this system - and that happened next. The Seichem attunements involve numerous Occipital Lifts - where the head is lifted upwards to align the chakras. First of all we practised these in pairs. I teamed up with Elaine and we had great fun attempting to do this technique. In the afternoon we started by practising attuning each other to Seichem 1, 2 and Master. I somehow managed to team up with previous course members and so I ended up doing all the work myself. Unusually the attunements are done with the fingers squeezed together. With some of the symbols being pairs, you feel a bit like a rabbit when drawing them. And we had to pity poor Martin at this point - he must have had about 20 Occipital Lifts from me. Then it was into a role-play exercise to see how we coped with the types of problem that can arise on a Reiki course. Each of us left the room individually, returning to find a particular situation in progress. I returned to find that I was giving an introductory Reiki talk. Wondering what was going to happen, the back door burst open and two pretend workmen came in (Will and Martin) and would simply not leave the room. The other problems were an asthma attack during an attunement, a loud aerobics class starting up in the next room during a meditation, foreign tourists coming in and photographing everyone, a sceptical course member demanding his money back, a student channelling messages from an alien during an attunement and a very disruptive student who started smashing things up. In the evening we travelled to Wearyall Hill, the site of the third Glastonbury Thorn - the other two being on the Tor and in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. Here we had an attunement for the fifth degree (throat) of the Original 7-Degree System. Graduates of this course are given a 90 percent discount on a course in Egyptian healing called Sekhem. And it was this evening that my attunement for Sekhem 1 and 2 was booked. So it was back to the hotel for a 20-minute attunement process just for me.

Day 8

It was a rather early start today and my alarm clock went off at 03:15! I had to be at the bottom of Glastonbury Tor for 04:30. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth coming home afterwards so I took everything I needed in the car. We trudged our way to the top of the Tor in the dark and again sat in a circle at the back of St Michael’s Tower. We were then attuned to the sixth degree (third eye) of the Original 7-Degree System. Dawn had broken by the time this procedure was over. It was freezing up there, despite my jumper and coat. After a few other bits and pieces we made our way down again, by which time it was coming up to 06:00. It was therefore worthwhile me travelling back home as the course didn’t start until 09:30 each day. I started meditating at home but soon fell asleep. Had I not set my alarm clock I would probably have been there for hours. We started the rest of the day with a fifth and sixth degree attunement from the Original 7-Degree System for someone who went AWOL the previous day. He sat in the middle of the room and we all directed our own energy at him, making it an even more powerful experience. We then considered the media and talked about how to get good publicity for our services using press, television and radio. We then spent some time dealing with the needs of two of the people on the course. It was then on to course structure and we looked at suggested layouts for Reiki 1 and 2 courses. Chakra balancing was next. Working in groups of three (I was with Pam and Stella) we dowsed each other’s chakras with a pendulum. All seven of mine were spinning nicely. In the afternoon we did an exercise on appearing in the media. I walked in to find myself as a guest on some cheap TV show with two hosts who would just not take the subject seriously. The other situations were an interview on a cable radio station, an appearance on Catholicism Today, an appearance on a radio breakfast show with a variety of young co-presenters eager to make jokes, as a panel member on a tough TV talk show and an interview with a journalist from a local newspaper who clearly had other things on his mind. Then we moved on to questions and answers. We each wrote down three questions that we would rather not answer at a public talk. These were then drawn for us and we took turns in answering them. The day ended with a talk on the Reiki Federation and our first attunement for Seichim Reiki.

Day 9

The day started with a talk about using the media for advertising - television, radio and newspapers. We then received the attunement for Seichim Master and heard about the various controversies surrounding this branch of Reiki. A detailed look at the various Seichim symbols then followed, along with a look at the Cosmic Healing Bank. This is where you send deposits of energy for someone, ready for them to be called upon when necessary. This was followed by a look at a couple of typical healing scenarios. In groups we had to work out the best Reiki technique (symbols, grids, healing attunements etc.) for dealing with these situations. I worked with Elaine, William and Stella and we produced a suitable comprehensive treatment plan. We were off to Stonehenge later in the day and at this point we had an interesting talk from Elizabeth on the astrological significance of that night. Basically, it was the last night of a process that began in 1991 and significant change was coming up. It was then into one of our personal talks - this time Andrew on a technique called The Form. And to reinvigorate the energy in the room we played a game called Love Thy Neighbour. We left for Stonehenge in our convoy of cars at 18:15, for our appointment at the stones at 19:30. Stella was driving this time and myself and William hitched a lift. We got there with a little time to spare and we were soon in this sacred spot, an opportunity not available to the general public. Although one of the guides offered to give us some background information, we just darted for the centre of the stones like children! We had a group photo in front of the sunset and then we had a chance to take our own photos and look around the stones. We then formed a circle in the centre and undertook the first attunement - the YOD Initiation. This is the first initiation into the Egyptian Cartouche. This re-establishes the connection between the heart, third eye and soul. Next up was the seventh degree attunement (crown) of the Original 7-Degree System. And everyone took part in the next attunement - initiation into the Order of Melchizedik. This is an ancient order that existed throughout the Egyptian dynasties. The procedure was done in a circle within a circle. All the attunements felt very powerful on this night, with energy surging up from the ground. Many spirits were also with us on this evening. We then undertook a few small ceremonies to give thanks to past Reiki Masters and also to the ground we were working on. We used up our full hour of time and so the security guards were getting keen to usher us out. This was all an amazingly powerful experience and various people stopped to watch us at the roadside. After leaving Stonehenge we dropped in at The Bell pub before heading back to Glastonbury. I was home by 23:30.

Day 10

The end of the course came around all too quickly. We started the day by considering how we should react to extreme situations. Then it was on to the Original 7-Degree System - a version of which is also known as The Radiance Technique. Controversy abounds here as well. Although we have been attuned to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh degrees, we only actually have up to the fifth degree of the Radiance Technique. We then did some more work on each other, following requests from the group. There was then a talk on The Prime Directive - good bacteria in the gut. This was followed by a demonstration of how magnetic products can effect our energy. Some shoe insoles made our arms stronger, an armband made our fingers stronger, a magnetic device allowed the arms to be bent right behind the back and a piece of quilt neutralised the acid in a piece of sucked lemon! After lunch we had an overview of the Eqyptian Sekhem system - this includes all of the previously-studied Seichim Reiki. Sekhem is applied in chakra order, rather than by organ as in Reiki. The rest of the afternoon was spent on a variety of acts to end the course. These showed our love and respect for all the people we had worked with over the last 10 days. Our certificates were awarded at the end of this and each of us was clapped. We received an impressive one for our disciplines of Usui, Tibetan, Karuna®, Seichem, Seichim, and Original Seven-Degree System Reiki, as well as Raku Kei. A separate certificate was also awarded for Karuna® as this is a trademarked version of Reiki and it’s necessary to deal with a central authority. It was a moving afternoon and it was very hard to leave this environment. We had undergone the most profound experiences on the most comprehensive Reiki Energy Mastership available. And some of us will no doubt be returning to do it all again next year.

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