Shemana 1, Glastonbury April 2005
These photographs are from the very first Shemana 1 course held at the Shekinashram Retreat in Glastonbury, 28-30 April 2005.

[1] Marianne Underwood [2] Jacky Ingram [3] Sharon Bradley [4] Simon Treselyan [5] Mark Gooding [6] Joy Kitson [7] Bud Collins [8] Catherine Hendy [9] Anne Marie Mckee [10] Lesley Goodwin [11] Molly Bryett [12] Denise Butler [13] Rita Westlake [14] Leonie Clark [15] Christine McBride [16] Allan Mcclane [17] Michael Bissessar [18] Sarah Ford [19] Linda Dickson [20] Joanna Carson [21] Matthew Holbrook

Some of the group prior to Saturday night's Shemana 1 initiation

Mark, Allan and Matthew after Sunday afternoon's Kabbalah

Smudging before re-entering the retreat on Sunday afternoon

Inside the Shekinashram Retreat

Shemana altar

Outside the Shekinashram Retreat

Inside the Shekinashram Retreat

5:00 a.m. attunement on Glastonbury Tor

Walking down the Tor for breakfast